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Benton County debris pickup to begin Monday, June 17



Benton County debris pickup to begin on Monday, June 17

Pickup will begin in the hardest hit areas of Benton County with a schedule to be released at a later date.


Benton County has contracted with Looks Great Services to pick up vegetative debris and construction and demolition (C&D) debris on storm-affected roads. Pickup will begin on Monday, June 17 for county-maintained roads. We will begin debris removal in the hardest-hit areas of Benton County. There will be approximately three weeks between each pass of an area. A schedule will be released later on.


Please place your debris in the public right-of-way now. Until further notice, only debris placed on the public right-of-way will be eligible for collection. If all debris is not picked up during the initial pass, please continue to push the remaining debris to the right-of-way for subsequent passes.


Please sort and place debris as follows:


VEGETATIVE DEBRIS - (root balls, whole trees, tree stumps, tree branches, tree trunks, and other leafy material)


CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION DEBRIS - (damaged components of buildings and structures such as lumber, wallboard, glass, metal, roofing materials, tile, furnishings, and fixtures)


Important Guidelines:

•         Do not block the roadway, utilities, or driveways

•         Keep debris at least four feet away from:

o        Mailboxes

o        Water meters

o        Fire hydrants

o        Above-ground utilities

o        Drainage ditches, swales, pipes, and inlets

o        Street signs

•         Do not place debris near low hanging powerlines

•         Do not place debris near street intersections to ensure safe sight distances.

•         Do not put debris on neighbor's property

•         Do not put mixed debris by the right-of-way. Vegetative and C&D debris must be kept separate.

•         Do not bag debris. Only loose debris will be collected.