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US-62 on the west side of Garfield, Arkansas

Garfield: A Northwest Travel Nexus

Discover the Garfield connection . . .

The City Hall of Garfield, Arkansas


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Southern Garfield and nearby Beaver Lake

Nestled in the Ozarks: predawn blush viewed from southeastern Garfield, Arkansas

Nestled in the Ozarks

Predawn blush viewed
from southeastern Garfield 

Rob and Melani Walton Nature Preserve near Garfield, Arkansas

Rob and Melani Walton Nature Preserve

A place to relax . . .
a place to explore . . .
within and bordering
Garfield City limits

Rob and Melani Walton Nature Preserve near Garfield, Arkansas
Attention Garfield Water Customers

The Garfield Water Department is transitioning to electronic water meters. To be sure that your Water account is ready for this change, fill out the Garfield Water Customer Account Form for Electronic Meters and return it to City Hall by mail, via the drop box, or in person.

The Garfield Water Customer Account Form for Electronic Meters may be found on the Water Department page or via the button below, which will also lead to information about the benefits of the new electronic meters.


October Calendar Preview

October Events in Garfield

Fall is around the corner! In case you haven't checked out the events on the City of Garfield Calendar for October, here is a preview.

On October 1, a Town Hall Meeting with Benton County Judge Moehring will be held at the Garfield Community Building in the NEBCO facilities. The meeting will begin at 6:00 PM.

On October 4, Go Pink for the Cure Day will be celebrated at City Hall to raise awareness of breast cancer and options for its prevention. Watch for more details about this special day!

On October 5, the annual Fall Cleanup Day is scheduled to start at 8:00 AM. Bring your disposables to the City Shop, behind the Short Stop Grill. Check for acceptable and unacceptable items for disposal here.

On October 8, there will be a public forum at City Hall about a proposed ordinance to establish a new water usage fee schedule for customers in the Garfield Public Waterworks District. The forum begins at 5:30 PM.

Regularly scheduled meetings are also planned for the Garfield City Council and the Garfield Planning Commission. These meetings are open to the public.

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Let's beautify the landscape! Dispose of abandoned rubbish.
A time to cast away

Fall Cleanup Day in October

Do you have leftover construction materials or need to dispose of an old mattress? The City of Garfield can assist.

The annual Fall Cleanup Day in Garfield has been scheduled for Saturday, October 5, 2019, from 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM.

Garfield citizens may bring a Water bill or driver's license for identification to the City Shop, at 18446 Marshall Street. The Fall Cleanup Day site is located behind the Short Stop Grill. Assistance will be provided with disposal of large items.

Acceptable items for disposal include construction debris, fence material, dried out paint cans, furniture, and old appliances. Hazardous substances, such as paint thinner, as well as appliances with refrigerant, are among the unacceptable items.

Waste Management, Inc., will be handling the disposal of the items collected on the Fall Cleanup Day in Garfield.

To see a complete list of items that are acceptable and unacceptable for disposal, follow the Learn More link below.

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Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas

New Garfield Water Rates Proposed

The Garfield Public Waterworks District delivers potable water from Beaver Lake to its residential and commercial customers in the Garfield area.

A new water usage fee schedule has been proposed to establish water rates that will be charged to customers served by the two associated systems of the Garfield Public Waterworks District, namely the Garfield Rural Water System and the Garfield Rural Water System, Sugar Creek Extension.

Citizens of Garfield are invited to attend a public forum concerning the new water usage fee schedule proposal. The public forum will be held at City Hall on Tuesday, October 8, 2019, starting at 5:30 PM.

The proposed water rate changes include an assessment to offset the cost of a new water storage tank. The new water rates are detailed in a proposed ordinance to be considered by the Garfield City Council at the Council's October 8th meeting, which will start at 6:00 PM, following the public forum.

To read the proposed ordinance governing new water rates, follow the Learn More link below.

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Are you up to code?
Are you up to code?

Code Compliance Crackdown in Garfield

Is your property up to code? Citizens of Garfield have been duly warned to bring their personal and business property into compliance with the City’s codes.

At the August meeting of the Garfield City Council, Code Enforcement Officer Scott Wassman explained that henceforth ordinances governing property in the City of Garfield will be enforced by the collection of penalties, according to the provisions in each associated City legislation.

Officer Wassman specified that vehicles that are not operational or not registered must be removed. Grass that has been allowed to grow to more than one foot high must be mowed. Building projects must be compliant with the City’s codified regulations.

To access building, plumbing, and fence construction permit applications, visit the Code Enforcement Department page.

To read the complete minutes from the August City Council Meeting, follow the Learn More link below or find the City Council Meeting Minutes on the City Council & Attorney page.

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The City Council's wooden gavel at City Hall in Garfield, Arkansas
Garfield City Council Gavel

Garfield City Council Meetings

The Garfield City Council meets each month on the second Tuesday to conduct legislative business for the City of Garfield. These regular monthly meetings are held in the Alderman Terry Warren Room of City Hall, beginning at 6:00 PM, and are open to the public.

The City Council Meeting Agenda for each monthly meeting is posted online during the week prior to the meeting. No changes may be made to the meeting agenda after 3:00 PM on the Friday prior to the next City Council Meeting.

City Council Meeting Minutes are prepared by the Recorder-Treasurer and reviewed by the Mayor before being posted online. At the next monthly meeting of the City Council, Council members vote on whether or not to officially approve the minutes from the previous month, as submitted to the Council.

To see the latest City Council Meeting Agenda and City Council Meeting Minutes, visit the City Council & Attorney page.

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Zoning map for Garfield, Arkansas

City Zoning Ordinance Amended

The City of Garfield Zoning Ordinance, initially passed in May 2013, was amended at the regular meeting of the Garfield City Council, held on August 13, 2019.

Two amendments to the City of Garfield Zoning Ordinance, as proposed by the Garfield Planning Commission, were approved by all Council members in a unanimous vote.

The first of the two amendments to the City of Garfield Zoning Ordinance concerns an added requirement under the Residential Estates regulations for property owners to provide a percolation test or proof that existing septic lines are clear of water lines.

The second amendment regulates the size of lots being used for the placement of manufactured homes. The original City of Garfield Zoning Ordinance specified a minimum of half an acre for such lots. The amended City of Garfield Zoning Ordinance increases the minimum size requirement to one acre.

To read the amended City of Garfield Zoning Ordinance, follow the link below.

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Welcome to the City of Garfield Website!

Gary Blackburn, Mayor of Garfield, Arkansas, and faithful companion Smoki
Mayor Gary Blackburn and Smoki

Abraham Lincoln’s barber, William de Fleurville, was about to shave his beard, when Mr. Lincoln said, “Willie, let’s give them a chance to grow.” And grow they did.

I believe, the day will come when people will say, “They gave the City of Garfield a chance to grow and grow it did.”

On behalf of the Garfield City Council, I welcome you to our new City of Garfield website. I believe you will find the contents of this site to be informative, enlightening, and entertaining.

As you browse about, please pay attention to our local business partners. When you “Buy In Garfield,” you automatically become a B.I.G. Spender, and thereby further the growth of the City of Garfield.

If you are a first-time visitor to our website, I encourage you to browse content about the historic Garfield Elementary School, with its iconic Bell Tower, and our own Hamilton Park. Also, Garfield is near travel destinations in the region, including Beaver Lake, Lost Bridge Village, the Pea Ridge National Military Park, and the Rob and Melani Walton Nature Preserve. No trip to Northwest Arkansas would be complete without a visit to one or more of these local jewels.

Iconic Bell Tower of the historic Garfield Elementary School

Lastly, it is my hope that this website will be the “tie that binds us together,” as citizens, tourists, businesses, and government. God Bless America, and God Bless Garfield.

"Garfield is probably one of the only cities in America where ordinary citizens are reading ordinances and are actively participating in public meetings." (Andy Shook, Planning Commissioner)
"I love the Short Stop burgers and ice cream! We drive from Pea Ridge to get them!" (Connie Dingman of Pea Ridge)
"Garfield is . . . located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. . . . We love the small-town atmosphere and friendly people. We are just a few miles from Beaver Lake, as well as other cities. . . . Garfield is one of God's Blessings to us." (James Teeselink, Alderman)
"I pass through Garfield frequently from Southwest Missouri heading down to NWA. I love that your elementary school looks like a castle." (Adrienne Jones of Southwest Missouri)
"We love Garfield--a small, supportive community of 'Neighbors helping Neighbors.'" (Kathy Shook, Alderman)
"We moved our family to Garfield because of the natural beauty and ability to enjoy the outdoors in our own backyard." (Devin Mulvania of Garfield)
Love living in this small town by the lake :) it's beautiful here :) (Sherri McCasland, Serendipity Salon Owner)
"I love our location, Garfield address but just a few minutes from Pea Ridge and Rogers and yet close to the Lake and camping also!" (Cerena Rogers Pruitt of Garfield)
"Garfield is a laid back town and close enough to bigger towns for shopping." (Allen Koonce of Garfield, Arkansas)