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FEMA Generator/Chainsaw Reimbursements


If you purchased or rented a generator or chainsaw because of the recent severe storms, straight-line winds, tornadoes and flooding that occurred May 24 to 27, you may be able to get reimbursed by FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency for those expenses.

You may be eligible if:

-You purchased or rented a generator or chainsaw after May 24.

-You meet the general eligibility requirements for FEMA’s Individuals and Households Program.

-The home is your primary residence and is in a county designated for FEMA Individual Assistance: which currently includes Benton, Boone and Marion counties.
-You purchased or rented the generator due to a need caused by the disaster.

-Proof-of-purchase or rental receipts for the items are submitted.

-Note that FEMA cannot reimburse equipment paid for by another source, such as homeowner’s, flood, or other types of insurance.