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October City Council Meeting Agenda


AGENDA City Council Meeting October 12, 2021

Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance
Call to Order
Roll Call

Guests & Visitors public input session

Agenda Item 1 Minutes: September 14, 2021, Regular Council Meeting
Agenda Item 1 Vote to accept the September minutes as presenged
Agenda Item 2 Committee Reports as follows
Agenda Item 2 Planning Commission Meeting Report/September 23, 2021
Agenda Item 2 Water-Reports
Agenda Item 2 Code Enforcement Report
Agenda Item 2 Vote to approve the Committee Reports as presented/reported

Old Business
Agenda Item 3 Discussion Master Street Plan
Agenda item 4 NWAEDD Proposal
Agenda Item 5 Process for distribution of Walton Tree Grant, 100 Tree give-away.
(7) gallon trees, in a container. Available dates October 30th
Agenda Item 9 Proposed Revision Ord. #188

New Business
Agenda Item 7 Request from Will Markey, Waiver/Reduced water connection fee
Agenda Item 8 Resolution, Authorizing Local Millage rate 2022
Agenda Item 9 Proposed Ordinance Repealing Ordincance #136
Agenda Item 10 Reconcile 3rd Qtr. FY 2021 Budget
Agenda Item 11 Review of September 2021 General, Street & Water Rev. & Exp.

Motion to adjourn