Garfield City Council Meeting, March 13, 2018
L to R: Alderman (Ald.) Kitterman, Ald. Teeselink, Mayor Blackburn, Recorder-Treasurer Vining, Ald. Warren, Ald. Shook

The Garfield City Council consists of four publicly elected aldermen, who serve for a period of two years per term. Two aldermen are elected per City Ward. The Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month, and at specially-called meetings, to consider legislation governing municipal operations.

Ordinances are typically passed by the Council through a simple majority vote. The Mayor of Garfield presides over each City Council Meeting; in the event of a tie vote by the Council, the Mayor casts a deciding vote of approval.

Minutes for each City Council Meeting are prepared by the Recorder-Treasurer, reviewed by the Mayor, and approved by the City Council. See below for a recently posted City Council Meeting Agenda and the latest approved City Council Meeting Minutes.

City Council Meeting Agenda

The agenda for each monthly City Council Meeting will be posted at least one week before the scheduled meeting. Click the button on the right to see the latest City Council Meeting Agenda.

City Council Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the monthly City Council Meeting are presented to the City Council for final approval. Click the button on the right to access the latest approved City Council Meeting Minutes.

Garfield City Council Members for 2018

Barry Kitterman, Alderman, Garfield, Arkansas

Barry Kitterman

Alderman, Ward 1, Position 1



Terry Warren, Alderman, Garfield, Arkansas

Terry Warren

Alderman, Ward 1, Position 2


Kathy Shook, Alderman, Garfield, Arkansas

Kathy Shook

Alderman, Ward 2, Position 1


James Teeselink, Alderman, Garfield, Arkansas

Jim Teeselink

Alderman, Ward 2, Position 2


Contact the City Council

Contact an alderman on the City Council if you have a concern or an item to add to the City Council Meeting Agenda for the next meeting.

Garfield City Attorney for 2018

Michael Bearden, City Attorney for Garfield, Arkansas

Mr. Michael Bearden, PA

Garfield City Attorney


Bearden Law Group

Phone: 479-636-9169  Fax: 479-636-9587


Address: PO Box 33, #9 Halsted Circle, Rogers, AR 72757-0033