Building a Better Garfield Begins Here . . .

The Code Enforcement Department of Garfield assures that new construction is in compliance with the City's land use zoning regulations, and that existing structures and properties in the City are kept safe and clean, in accordance with City ordinances.

To apply for a variance from City codes, follow the steps listed below, which begin with submission of the Certificate of Zoning Compliance and Building Permit to the Garfield Code Enforcement Officer.

CEO Wassman pinponting a Garfield map detail
CEO Wassman pinponting a Garfield map detail

City of Garfield Zoning Map

The City of Garfield Zoning Map details land use categories and locations within the Garfield City limits.

Certificate of Zoning Compliance and Building Permit

The Certificate of Zoning Compliance and Building Permit must be submitted to the Code Enforcement Officer before construction of a new structure within the City limits of Garfield.

Plumbing Inspection Record

The Plumbing Inspection Record details plumbing installation requirements and documents plumbing inspections performed by the City's Licensed Plumbing Inspector.

Code Enforcement

Present a completed Certificate of Zoning Compliance and Building Permit at City Hall. The Code Enforcement Officer will determine if the building plans comply with City codes. If a variance from the City building codes is desired, prepare a proposal for the Garfield City Planning Commission.

Planning Commission

To apply for a variance from Garfield building codes, prepare a written proposal or a plat of your structure's site plan for consideration by the Garfield City Planning Commission. If the Commission does not approve the variance proposal, an appeal may be made before the Garfield City Council.

City Council

The Garfield City Council will consider your variance proposal and the Planning Commission's assessment. The Council will offer advisement about the proposal and, if necessary, vote on whether to uphold the determination by the Planning Commission or to override it and approve the proposed variance from City building codes.

Garfield Code Enforcement Officer

Scott Wassman, Code Enforcement Officer
Scott Wassman, Code Enforcement Officer

The Garfield Code Enforcement Officer serves a vital role in preserving the beauty and safety of residential and business districts in the City by verifying that structures and property meet City code requirements. Our current Code Enforcement Officer is Scott (Scooter) Wassman.

If you have a question about how your property may be affected by City codes in Garfield, schedule an appointment with Mr. Wassman by contacting City Hall.