Our Hamilton Park . . .

Pack a picnic. Bring the family. Come to play. Come to relax.

The City of Garfield maintains a 5-acre park for the community's enjoyment. The park is centrally located on the south side of Marshall Street (US-62) near City Hall and accessible from the west, opposite the First Baptist Church, or from the east via S Wimpy Jones Road. The park includes children's playground equipment, a basketball court, a pavilion with picnic tables, and plenty of room for field sports.

The History of Hamilton Park

Finding Funding

In 2009 the Garfield City Council formed a park committee to explore the City's options for establishing a city park. Mayor Laura Hamilton, for whom the park is named, was instrumental in making an effective case for State funding. In 2010 Garfield was awarded a grant from the State of Arkansas to develop a city park. (continued below)

From Vision to Reality

A sweeping expanse of land on the southern side of Marshall Street (US-62), adjacent to the City Hall, was developed into field and playground areas. A pavilion and a basketball court were constructed. Hamilton Park was formally dedicated in 2011.

Since the park's dedication, landscaping and shade trees have been added by local sponsorship. To contribute to the further development of Hamilton Park, contact City Hall.