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Communicate Clearly-Mask for Your Community


The Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities Arkansas created the Commmunicate Clearly project to address a communication barrier being experienced by some Arkansans who are deaf or hard of hearing due to increased mask wearing by the general public and professional service providers in response to the current health crisis.


The communication barrier identified was:

  • not being able to see visual facial cues that typically supplement an understanding of spoken communication

GCDD provided outreach and support by giving out free face masks with an educational message to address this barrier. The message says "I read lips. Masks make it harder. Please be patient."

If you or someone you know is deaf, or hard of hearing, and relies on facial cues or lipreading to aid in communication, please come by City Hall Monday-Friday 9am-3pm to request a free mask. Quantity is limited and will be provided on a first come, first served basis.