New Water Accounts

To open an account as a Garfield City Water Customer, stop by City Hall and submit a Garfield Water Users Agreement (Application).

See below under Garfield City Water System Connection for the Garfield Water Users Agreement, the Garfield Water Connection Fee Schedule, and Regulations for the Garfield Water System.

Water Billing & Payment

You will receive a monthly Water bill, per total usage, by the first of each month.

Payments are due by the 12th and may be mailed, paid at City Hall, or paid online (see below). A drop box near the City Hall entrance is available 24/7.

Click on the button below to pay your Water bill online by debit or credit card or by check.

Late Fee & Cutoff Dates

A 10% late fee will be applied if Water bills are not paid by the 12th of each month.

Water will be cut off if bills are not paid by the end of the 22nd day of the month.

Be sure to post payments on time, so you will not be charged a late fee or risk the termination of service.

Garfield City Water System Connection ~~~~~~~

Garfield Water Customer Account Form for Electronic Meters

For a printable version of the Garfield Water Customer Account Form for Electronic Meters, select the button to the right.

Garfield Water Users Agreement/Application

For a printable version of the Garfield Water Users Agreement/Application, select the button to the right.

Garfield Water Connection Fee Schedule

For a printable version of the Garfield Water Connection Fee Schedule (Ordinance 100), select the button to the right.

Regulations for the Garfield Water System

The operation of the Garfield and Sugar Creek Rural Water System is governed by rules approved by the Garfield City Council. To see the current rules and regulations, select the button on the right.

Water Department Personnel

Stacy Thompson, Water Clerk, Garfield, Arkansas

Stacy Thompson

Water Clerk

Office Phone: 479-359-3652

Cell Phone: 479-330-1979


Garfield City Hall, 14655 S Wimpy Jones Road

Photo Not Available

Gary Wright

Water Systems Operator

Licensed Plumbing Inspector

Garfield City Shop, 18446 Marshall Street

Garfield's Quality Water ~~~~~~~

Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas
Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas

Begins with Beaver Lake

The Garfield community relies on nearby Beaver Lake for an accessible and potable water supply. The water is treated by the Benton/Washington Regional Public Water Authority, a 24 million-gallons-per-day plant. Garfield is one of four water storage locations in northwest Arkansas, maintaining close to 900,000 gallons in its tower.

Sampling process for water testing in Garfield, Arkansas
Sampling process for Garfield water testing

Garfield Water Quality Verification

Garfield water is sampled at three different sites each month. The samples are mailed to the Arkansas Department of Health in Little Rock for bacteriological testing: total coliform and Escherichia coli content.

The latest test results for Garfield water samples are available to the public at the following link: Garfield monthly water test results.

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Each year the Garfield Water Department publishes its Annual Drinking Water Report, which provides multiple measures of water quality, based upon test results from the previous year.

Reporting Problems

If you observe water problems in the Garfield area, such as standing water in or beside the roadway or water leaking from pipes, call the City hotline at 479-330-0009. To send a message online, click on the Report a Leak button to the right.